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Smell of bugs

Bugs food co., LTD. Was founded in jiangsu taste2004Years,Is one specialized is engaged in food research、Production、Processing、The sale in a body comprehensive enterprise,Located in the hometown of fish and rice in jiangsu jingjiang。The company has the leisure food brands“Smell of bugs”“GuDaShu”,To create“Green、Health、Delicious、Nutrition”The happiness of leisure food。

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Development strategy
The historical evolution
The development course

The development course:
1999YearsJingjiang billion Thai food factory was set up,Enter the quick-frozen regulate the industry
2011YearsApply to the state administration of trademark“Smell of bugs”29A registered trademark of the class
2013Years“Smell of bugs”Trademark registration,“Smell of bugs”The brand was established
2013YearsHoney meat products won the national invention patent
2013YearsTaste bugs Tmall flagship store opened
2014YearsBugs honey flavor meat products listed,The first taste saks stores opened in the same year
2015YearsBy the companyIS09001And the international quality management systemISO22000Food safety management system dual certification
2016YearsWas registered in jiangsu GuDaShu food co., LTD,Apply to the state administration of trademark“GuDaShu”32A registered trademark of the class,In beverage industry
2017Years Meat products first“Smell of bugs”Successfully listed in Beijing

Enterprise honor

2009YearsIs evaluated“Quality trustworthy enterprise in jiangsu province”
2013/4YearsFor two consecutive years was named“Jingjiang leading enterprises”
2014YearsWon“A star enterprise in jiangsu province”
2014Years“Smell of bugs”Honey meat products was awarded“Jiangsu food quality good faith characteristics”
2014YearsIs evaluated“Taizhou well-known trademark”
2015YearsCreate activities won in taizhou rest assured consumption“Advanced unit”
2015YearsJingjiang city consumers association named“Consumers trust units”
2015YearsThe company is evaluated“The most valuable companies”
2015YearsHoney meat is evaluated“The Yangtze river delta region famous food”
2016YearsIs evaluated“A famous trademark in jiangsu province”
2016YearsHoney meat products、Marinated egg series by China green food certification